Megan YelaneyAs a self-proclaimed ‘yo-yo’ dieter, Megan Yelaney struggled with finding balance between food, fitness, and fun. She had the “all or nothing mentality” and couldn’t shake it for years. Today, she has found balance and is not only the healthiest and fittest she has ever been but has helped hundreds of women feel the same way. She is an online health, wellness, and business coach with Beachbody. It is her mission to live life to the fullest, help others do the same and find balance. While building her physical and inner strength, Megan also has built a 6-figure business from home and helped other women work towards doing the same. I first met Megan when she was a high school student and I a teacher/club advisor. She is also a superb actress who performs in theaters around the country. Here she shares how she feeds her soul, boosts her serotonin levels, and infuses personal growth into everyday activities. Follow Megan Yelaney on Facebook and on Instagram.

SCT: Tell us a bit about yourself.

MY: I am a recently married almost 30-year old entrepreneur. I’m an online health, wellness, and business coach as well as an actor. I’m from Long Island, New York. I have a team of more than 1,200 and we are on a mission to help people live their best life, be able to do things they’ve dreamed of, and not settle in a job just because that’s what they were “told to do.”

SCT: For a long time you were an actress/waitress by day and traveler/motivational coach by nights and weekends. How did you merge some of these facets together to find the best you?

MY: I was able to continue acting because of my coaching business. Coaching allowed me the income and flexibility to take classes, audition during the day, and take less-paying acting gigs just because I wanted to. I am set to do a dream role next year in Naples, Florida. My coaching business not only supports my acting career financially, but it helps by forcing me to work on my mindset, positivity, and overall being.  

Megan Yelaney

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SCT: Have you always wanted to be a health, wellness, motivational and business coach? How did it come about?

MY: No. I went to school for Integrated Marketing and Communications and had a plan to pursue acting. I didn’t know this even existed. I saw one of Beachbody’s programs on an infomercial. I started doing the workouts and loved them. They changed my entire outlook, body, mindset, and made me a much more confident and happy person. I started sharing it with other people who were asking me what I was doing, and finally found out there were coaching opportunities available.

SCT: Do you ever see yourself focusing solely on the on-line coaching thing?

MY: Yes and no. I love it and never feel like I’m “working” even on days I “work” 12 hours. I am a true entrepreneur, so I want to also explore other avenues alongside my coaching business and continue to do acting gigs when I feel like it. 

SCT: Let’s talk communication. How do you motivate your challengers while enticing others to join the movement?

MY: First and foremost, I set an example. I make sure I’m doing my workouts, drinking my super food shake, sticking to my meal plan as much as possible (while still being a human), and doing my daily personal development. If I’m not doing it, how can I ask them to? I run online accountability groups where we can all come together to share our progress. We now feel we have a supportive community of friends who “get it.”

Megan Yelaney

Photo by Rybicki

SCT: You and your husband recently returned from a four-month honeymoon road trip. How did you manage your businesses (since he works from home, too) and passions from the road? What advice do you have for others wishing to do the same? Oh, and what was your favorite stop along the way and why?

MY: Time management and communication! We told each other what our schedule was for the next day. If he had to work from 10-1 then we’d leave around 1PM for the next destination. I used a hotspot on my phone and found I got more done while in the car (when he was driving) than I do at home. When you have LESS time you get down to business and FOCUS and I found that to be extremely helpful. It’s truly all about scheduling (but not OVER scheduling). We spent quality time together, we enjoyed the cities we visited and truly dove into the culture of it all. My favorite stops were New Orleans and Austin, TX. I had never been to either and not only loved the food but the people and the vibe.

SCT: You are also a huge fan of travel. How does that passion play a part in your life/business?

MY: Travel is a HUGE motivator for me to get out of bed everyday, crush my workout, and work on my business. My husband and I wouldn’t have been able to go on our honeymoon road trip if it wasn’t for my business (and I wouldn’t have been able to go on our honeymoon road trip if it wasn’t for my business (and his, of course) and we are forever grateful. Anytime I’m lazy and don’t feel like doing what I have to, I remember that, and I get it done.

Megan YelaneySCT: How do you stay sane while working? What do you do for downtime?

MY: As an actress, when the opportunity comes along, I take classes and perform. When I’m doing a show, it is all about working through a schedule. I make business hours and times to meet with my team around rehearsals. I give up some social time with cast members to get in my work sometimes, but it’s 100% worth it. I’m the type of person who does better when I’m busier.

SCT: What advice do you have for people who are fearful or think they don’t have time to do something for themselves? How does making the time for yourself benefit your life?

MY: It’s all about prioritization. I tell my coaches, my challengers, and MYSELF, to replace “don’t have time” with “it’s not a priority”. If it shakes you to say that, then you know you have to make the time. If it doesn’t get you excited or anxious, then maybe it’s not the avenue for you. It’s all about making it a priority, scheduling it in like any important appointment you couldn’t miss, and, without question, working on your mindset first and foremost to get you through those tough times.

SCT: How do you bring joy into your everyday experience?

MY: I set my intention every morning. I don’t look at my phone, messages, anything before I journal and, while drinking my coffee, I read my personal development books.  Even before I was full time, I would plug in my earbuds and listen to an audiobook while getting ready for work that day. If you wake up every , read your mission and vision statement and that amps you up and begins to flood your mind with positivity—you will choose to have a good day (even on the crappy days!).

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