Annie at Pinehurst (1 of 1)

Recently I fulfilled a decades-long dream: I played a round of golf at Pinehurst Golf Club in North Carolina. Now I’m not the best golfer out there–or the worst. I probably played better than the other three in my foursome. But I played. I chipped onto the same greens that Payne Stewart chipped onto, and I putted on the same greens.

As I played on those hallowed fairways, I wondered what’s up with this game that I love so much. How can we get more women into the sport, more beginners?

Why do you feel that you have to be a really good golfer to play somewhere like this?

While Tiger Woods may not be competing this year, he’s built a new golf facility in Texas that welcomes newcomers to the game. Check this out: Bluejack National Golf Course may look like traditional courses, but it has something new. The family-friendly Playgrounds offer 10 holes ranging from 53 to 102 yards, ideal for the beginner, or for the family who wants to spend time just getting to know the game.

I love golf’s history. I want to be a voice for women’s golf. And I believe that the future of golf is tied to making it diverse and available to everyone.

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