Troncones Beach, MexicoTroncones Beach, is a small town located on the South Central Pacific Coast of Mexico. Travelers come here for two things – the surf and the spirit.

I came for the spirit.

Having recently graduated from my Master’s program, I was burnt out and needed an affordable place to reboot far from the cold of my Midwestern home. Troncones Beach is where I found a much needed spiritual retreat.

A World Apart
Nestled between the unforgiving landscape of jungle mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, Troncones is a very small town about 45-minutes outside of the larger city Zihuatanejo. Troncones is relatively unknown, but it has become known to a few travelers because its incredible surf, as well as the oasis it provides. The main town is spread along a beach-front pathway that stretches about 3 miles long.  Friendly locals and solo travelers from around the world inhabit the quiet streets.

Unlike most Mexican coastal towns, Troncones lacks large resorts, swimming pools, fancy hotels, and high rises. The town is almost entirely untouched by modernization. Lights turn out when the sun goes down, wi-fi is rare, as are cell phones, few cars roll down the roads, all the food is organic and locally farmed, schedules stay loose, friends are made everywhere, and no one closes windows or locks doors at night.

It feels like another world. This makes it the perfect place to unplug and reconnect with your inner voice, and to define what most serves you as an individual in this crazy life. Many travelers actually end up finding work in Troncones and never leaving. Simply put, there is magic here.

A Landing Pad
Present Moments Yoga Retreat is the only retreat center in Troncones, and it has done well to blend into this small and colorful village. Present Moments has attracted visitors seeking spiritual deepening through yoga.

Present Moments Yoga Platform

Present Moments yoga platform

The retreat creates a homestead and meeting ground for both locals and travelers seeking to connect to their wellbeing. Free meditation classes are offered daily on the beach, while live music, a range of yoga classes, heavenly massage, Reiki, acupuncture, and chiropractic services are offered in cabanas along the oceanfront.

I really wanted to be alone, so I ended up finding a place to rent instead of staying at Present Moments. This is a familiar routine for local travelers as there are many small, clean, and family run flats. You can rent for a few nights, a few weeks, months, or a year. It’s flexible and affordable. I stayed across the street at a place called Las Rocas and I only paid $300 for an entire month’s rent. Las Rocas is owned and operated by a friendly widow who designed the grounds to be supportive for seclusion and comfort. The yard is dotted with communal hammocks, and each flat includes a porch with an outdoor kitchen. I found it a cozy, safe, and sweet place to stay.

Turtle release

A fledgling sea turtle heads to the sea.

Daily Routine
My days centered around morning meditation and evening yoga. I received several massage and acupuncture treatments, I spent time in cafes journaling, I read on the beach, wrestled with the surf, laid under a blanket of stars at night, and even helped release sea turtles back into the ocean with the folks from a local restaurant called Roberto’s. They raise turtles and protect turtle habitats.

I prepared most of my meals with the food I purchased from several markets in town. Every afternoon a red pick-up truck drove up the street offering homemade ice cream and popsicles for 25 cents and I would run to catch the truck for my icy sweetness.

Mexican ice cream

Afternoon delicacy

Meat and fish trucks also offer fresh products for purchase. I felt healthy, alive, and in touch with the land around me that nourished my body.

Most of all I felt spacious in my solitude. Troncones is a place where you can be quiet, surrounded only by the sound of the ocean break, the birds in the nearby jungle, and the nighttime crickets. When I felt more social, I’d take the quick walk to Present Moments for a beautiful evening filled with friendly conversation, dancing, fires, and Latin music.

This floating between pure solitude and joyful socializing allowed me to grow spiritually and to heal.

On beach walks after sunrise meditation, I’d reflect on the gifts of the morning. I soaked in the dharma of the yoga classes and rejoiced in my blessings among lively music and mouth-watering flavors at night.

Most of all I connected with nature. The constant buzz of electronics and satellite towers were a million miles away. I could finally see every star in the sky. Troncones reminds me of my Earthly integration and the simple beauty to be found in nature’s cycles.

Horses on Troncones Beach

Horses in the distance on Troncones Beach

A Subtle but Essential Shift

On one of my last days I participated in a cacao ceremony held at Present Moments by Emily Henderson, the Reiki and massage therapist. Emily was a gentle and inspiring in teaching the lessons of cacao. We sat in a circle drinking the indulgent, chocolatey drink and then we moved into a chanting meditation accompanied by singing bowls.

Latin Americans have used cacao for centuries as a heart opening substance. Less strong than coffee, it creates a deep shift in our beings–both spiritually and physically. Scientists have even proven that cacao provides stabilizing energy and clarity. Cacao is consumed daily, allowing us to hold life’s intricacies with a deep sense of love and gratitude. I found it healing, heart warming, and a potent experience of love.

Through the cacao, the yoga center, the ocean, and the town, my heart opened to the universe. Trocones gave me a way to reconnect with a sense of love without desire or need.hammock in Troncones

Everything moves more slowly here and that’s good. At the end of my stay, I felt ready to return home. Rejuvenated, refreshed, and more motivated than ever I could redefine the workings of my daily life.

Because Troncones enabled me to be fully present, I was finally able to move forward.


If You Go:
Here is a link to Troncones tourism rentals for places to stay and a few things to explore, and click here for the Present Moment website.

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